About Me

I am Bong Salvacion. I came from the Philippines but now residing in Italy. And for a great amount of time, I have a passion for photography.

Photography is by far one of the most productive talents I own. Every chance I get, I keep on learning. I don't do it because of its financial benefit but because I'm passionate about Knowledge as a whole.

Before making it to the point of deciding whether I'll embrace the call of Photography or not, I have had my own difficulties. Yet it didn't stop me or discouraged me to gain more experience to be able to grow and enter the art of photography.

As days passed, no one could stop me from making my own stories and showing what I see through my camera. I enjoy experimenting and challenging myself in every captured moment. I still shoot film, both 35mm and medium format. I take photos with whatever is available. (cellphone, DSLR, mirrorless or even a film camera) I don't believe that expensive cameras make good photos. Use what you have and be creative.

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