No Matter What Camera You Use, You Must Be Resourceful

A good photographer doesn't need to be heavy-gadget-ready for him to capture the moment. He must be always ready with just his available camera and his imagination, creating a bridge between passion and art to overcome the Misconceptions of Photography.

Editing is a very effective solution for photos (every photographer knows that).
Whatever camera you used (excluding film cameras except scanned), editing can make photos have dramatic finish and a polished look.

This was taken with a Samsung smartphone with no added external lens. The original photo can deceiving but the texture and feel can make it like you are inside the photo.
The subject may be on the center of the image
but it keeps the idea of the boat floating freely next to the port.

Here is another example of a photo taken with a normal 8mpx Samsung phone camera.
The faded effect gives the photo a dreamy look and a foggy style.

It can be a very challenging to make a bigger impression for your photos using a simple camera and then making it clearer and presentable. But when you keep on practicing and being more resourceful about what you have, then you can be confident with your photos.

Although good lenses can absolutely make good photos (well, atleast good quality photos), without a great imagination it is just a simple photo.

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